Preview/Sinopsis Costa Rica vs Colombia

Costa Rica vs Colombia … Preview and Line Ups/Alineaciones

Costa Rica has their debut in the Copa America today. They are playing due to Concacaf restrictions with a Under 23 team with 5 players of older age. They weren’t able to get any clubs of players that played outside of Costa Rica to grant permission to come to the tournament thus playing with a who all play in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica hace su debut hoy en la Copa América. Van un equipo de sub 23 con 5 de mayor edad por reglamento de Concacaf. No pudieron conseguir permiso de los clubes para traer legionarios entonces tienen un equipo que todos juegan en Costa Rica.

Starting Line Ups/Alineaciones:

Costa Rica


Salvatierra  Duarte   Acosta   Calvo    Leal

Mora    Guzman   Madrigal





Zuniga   Yepes   Perea   Armero

Bolivar   Guarin   Aguilar   Moreno

Ramos   Falcoa

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